Process Drawings

We also conducted research process interviews with CUNY students. Each student we interviewed was asked to describe in detail how they worked on a research assignment from start to finish: from the moment their professor gave them the assignment to its completion (including their grade, if known). Students were encouraged to draw or sketch their process while describing it. As library faculty we were especially interested in where library resources and services fit into students’ research process (or not), but we also learned much about how students struggle and find success with research-based assignments.

Find our research process interviews protocol on our project website. Use the links below to explore themes that emerged during our student interviews, as well as student drawings and quotes.

Brainstorming and interesting topics

Initial research and the lazy period

Presearch and finally starting

Museum visits and effective searching

Steps and scaffolding

Friends, family, and feedback

Class discussions and challenges

Statues and public libraries

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